Ultra Bike Pursuit is the ultra bikepacking series for cyclists who love to climb mountains

Choose 100% asphalted roads or mixed surfaces with gravel sections

Two ultimate mountain cycling challenges:

Tourmalet Pursuit


Hautacam Pursuit

Ready for a rollercoaster of emotion, challenge, and adventure?

When a cycling guide, tour operator, and ultra bikepacking racer native to the French Pyrenees designs a Pyrenees ultra bikepacking challenge, you know it will combine intimate native knowledge with the fine attention to detail only a local expert can provide. When that same cycling guide is also a world explorer and an award-winning adventure travel author featured in travel and adventure magazines across three continents, you know you’re destined for an incredible adventure.

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    Ultra Bike Pursuit Series — The Pyrenees

    Welcome to Jean-Philippe’s native Pyrenees. He has carefully designed a challenge that offers:

    • a visually spectacular route
    • stunning and diverse landscapes
    • a formidable bikepacking challenge
    • a ride free of flat, dull roads
    • a stunning combination of all the legendary Tour de France climbs

    These itineraries will equally please both road and gravel cyclists.

    For the roadies, you can cycle 100% on asphalted roads perfect for slick tires and carbon wheels. For Gravel fans, a choice of mixed itineraries with superb optional gravel sections to shortcut road distances, adding off-road challenge that yields spectacular mountain views. The best of both worlds and you can choose as you ride, so you can enjoy pure cycling pleasure.

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    Tourmalet Ultra Bike Pursuit

    Departure Date: September 6, 2020 / 9:30 AM

    Location: Central & Eastern Pyrenees (France, Spain & Andorra)

    The Tourmalet Ultra Bike Pursuit begins in the heart of the Hautes-Pyrenees, travels to the Mediterranean coast, and returns to the Hautes-Pyrenees. You'll finish with the legendary climb of Tourmalet which has been featured in more Tour de France events than any other climb. This route includes many iconic French climbs such as Aspin, Peyresourde, Port-de-Bales, Col-de-Pailheres; famous Andorran climbs such as Arcalis, and several Vuelta climbs, including one of Alberto Contador’s all-time favorites. You have three distances to choose from, and the option to ride them all on asphalt or with gravel sections.Tourmalet Pursuit ...

Could you imagine any challenge matching this?

In creating the Hautacam Pursuit, Jean-Philippe designed the perfect counterpart: a Western Pyrenees ride that proves to be equally spectacular and challenging.

  • Hautacam Ultra Bike Pursuit

    Departure Date: September 11, 2020 / 10:30 AM

    Location: Central & Western Pyrenees (France & Spain)

    The Hautacam Ultra Bike Pursuit also starts and finishes in the heart of the Haute-Pyrenees. It will take you west to the Atlantic coast and back. You will cycle many iconic climbs of the Tour de France such as Soulor, Aubisque, Marie-Blanque, La Pierre-St-Martin, Luz-Ardiden, Tourmalet (from the other side), and Col du Portet (the new Giant of the Pyrenees). Hautacam, one of the most amazing Tour de France mountain finishes of all, will mark your final climb. You’ll discover many off-the-beaten-path climbs and routes all over France and Spain and dive deep into the colorful culture and excellent cuisine of the Basque Country. You have three distances to choose from, and the option to ride them all on asphalt or with gravel sections.Hautacam Pursuit ...

Choose between 500km, 1000km and 1350km of pure road or mixed gravel cycling pleasure!

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

The Ultra Bike "Tourmalet" and "Hautacam" Pursuits will satisfy your sense of adventure, overwhelm you with pleasure and pain, and provide you with an incredible feeling of accomplishment, as well as more bragging rights than any other road cycling events.

We know ultra bikepackers are a hardcore group of cyclists and adventurers who love to test their limits. Either of these two challenges will ensure you hit yours.

This is why, you can ride the Tourmalet and Hautacam back to back in a single event. We call it the Ultimate Pyrenees. You will love the scenery, but the masochist in you will enjoy suffering like you’ve never suffered.

Ultimate Pyrenees = Tourmalet + Hautacam Pursuits


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    Ultimate Pyrenees Ultra Bike Pursuit — Entire Pyrenees

    Departure Date: September 6, 2020 / 8:30 AM

    If you believe you could be a Climbing God, we challenge you to complete the longest Hardcore loops of both challenges back-to-back (a feat we don’t expect anyone to accomplish on their first attempt).

    Finish the Ultimate Pyrenees Ultra Bike Pursuit, and you’ll become a legend, for you’ll have accomplished what no others have even attempted.

    Are you up to the challenge? Ultimate Pyrenees Pursuit ...

Read our FAQ page for more information on qualification requirements, pricing, location and logistics, rules and more...

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